The Emmys: LIVE blog.

29 08 2010

Cut from the NASA-esque control room to…

  • Jimmy and GLEE put on a number to open the show… a little obvious and expected, but throw in a little Tina Fey, Betty White, Jon Hamm and a Bruce Springstein mash-up and I’m tingling a bit!
  • An out of breath Jimmy is back in a tux and goes acoustic (this guy is hardcore!) and starts the evening off with face time for the mega stars with front row seats.
  • Um, I love Amy Poehler. I cant say that enough.

An ode to Comedy…hey, this WAS a funny year for TV! (thanks to the Office, 30 Rock, Modern family and GLEE in my opinion)

  • Jon Hamm and Betty White, the power couple, introduce …
    • Supporting Actor: Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)
  • Sophia Vargara and some…guy living out his fantasies, standing next to her.
    • Writing: Steven Levitan Chris Llyod (Modern Family)
  • Stephen Colbert is apparantly still relevent. Looks eerily like Bob Saget, and presents Supporting Actress..
    • Supporting Actress: Jane Lynch GLEE
    • gives a shout out to the Chicago ‘south side’… she could be the new Oprah, or Jay Z.
  • Matthew Perry and Gilmore Girl mom, bomb a little on stage, and give out…
    • Guest Actor/Actress: Betty White and Neil Patrick Harris
    • Comedy Director: Ryan Murphy (GLEE)
  • George Clooney cameo!
  •  Boring couple, LL Cool J and Eva Longoria handing out (ironically)
    • Comedy Actor: Jim Parsons
    • Geeks that never left their highschool study groups are cleaning up tonight…a few years too late for me to benefit.
  • Neil Patrick Harris the prince of awards shows makes a fabulous entrance and zings Jimmy a good one!
    • Comedic Actress: Edie Falco
    • The only one who could take on Tina Fey in an alley. She’s got…people.

Kim Kardashian sings the intro to REALITY TV. If I wasnt ashamed of my obsession before…sigh.

  • Will Arnet and Kerry Russel fill some time, create dead air and present…
    • Reality Show Competition: Top Chef
    • a collective…wha?!??!!
  • The accountants of Ernst and Young are more interesting than Kate Gosselin. seriosuly.

And onto Drama catagories… and all the usual suspects.

  • Law and Order hotties promote a charity telethon (aka hefty write offs for celebs) and give out…
    • Writer Drama: Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)
    • Supporting Actor: Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
  • A purple coffee filter on a Deschanel sister presents…
    • Supporting Actress: Archie Panjabi (Good Wife)
  • Edie Falco meets the press and rushes back to present…
    • Best Actor: Ryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
    • I guess we know what the darkhorse runaway winner is this year.
  • 2 beautiful people I dont know give out the afterthought awards…worthy of mention but not of live TV.
    • Drama Directing: Steve Schill (Dexter)
  • Elton John…no Jimmy Fallon in a floral print suit and rose coloured shades sings a song in memory of 24, Law and Order, and Lost.
  • Matthew (the King) Morisson and Tina (the Queen) Fey present
    • Outstanding Actress: Kiera Sedwick

Stephen Colbert (reappears) sings the lead in for Variety TV…

  • Joe Mchale and Jeff Probst are an unlikey pair, and even worse, they present…
    • Writer variety: Tony Awards
    • GLEE is sweeping this town…Tonys over the Oscars?!
  • Rickey Gervais swoops in to save the show! Funny funny guy, drops a Mel Gibson joke, and now I can’t wait for the Golden Globes.
    • Directing: Bucky Gunts (Vancouver Olympics)
    • Canadian content alert! He shoulda mentioned the hockey game…sigh.
    • Variety Music/Comedy: Daily Show
  • Finally an award George Clooney actually wants…and he looks dapper as always 🙂 swooon.
  • January Jones and her body-swallowing dress, present awards to the lesser-glamorous nominations
    • mini series supporting actress:Julia Ormond
    • anyone else notice her hybrid of the American/British accent? Maybe she and Madonna lived in the same town…
  • Claire Danes is shiny.
    • Supporting actor Miniseries: David Strathairn
  • Jewel comes out of nowhere with a guitar and I’m having a late 90’s flashback.
  • Is it wrong that I love the ‘In Memoriam’ segments at these ceremonies? Great talent is celebrated from the small roles to the character actors to the A-listers. Always moving…
  • Maura Tierney (almost unrecognizable, but good to see back!) and Blaire Underwood give out the award for…
    • Writing Miniseries: Adam Maiser (you dont know Jack)
    • Lead Actress: Claire (my dress is made of diamonds) Danes
  • Surprisingly the first vampire sighting of the night…2 are married, one is the obvious 3rd wheel.
    • Director Miniseries: Mic Jackson (Temple Grandin)
    • The most famous person in the room right now, is Temple. Take note DWTS producers.
    • Lead Actor Miniseries: Al Pacino (You dont know Jack)
  • Lawrence Fishburne (I will not insert any daughter jokes…errrr, bad choice of words?)
    • Best Miniseries: The Pacific
    • Tom Hanks OWNS this town and everyone else just lives here…seriously.
    • Made for TV Movie: Temple Grandin
  • ALmost a 3 hour investment…down to the last few stragglers. Enter Tom Selleck and his Upper-Lip Fur.
    • Outstanding Drama:Mad Men
  • Ted Danson and my favourite theme music enter and present…
    • Best Comedy Series: Modern Family

An hour of Red Carpet, 3 hours of Awards…and not one Snooki sighting. Overall, a good night! Thanks for watching it with me…




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