Monday Night TV

30 08 2010

From the best of TV (the Emmys…) to the Worst of TV…

it’s Bachelor Pad Monday folks, and yes,  I’m still watching it.

Yup, through rolled eyes and a shaking head…I watch this show. But it’s monday, and I need some mindless drama that means absolutly nothing in the fabric of my day (life) – bet that’s why most people watch it, and why it takes monday nights every week.

But I wanted to REMIND YOU to stay awake, and tuned in for the entire show (or remember to flip back at 5 mins to 10:00) because the Cast of the new DWTS will be unveiled!

We have a pretty good idea of the main players, but they are missing some soap stars, ex-sports stars, and Disney has- beens. I will have the list up as soon as it is revealed…in case you have something ELSE to do tonight. weird.

Will there be any shockers joining the cast? We shall see…

let’s chat at 10pm and comiserate about Bachelor Pad melo-drama and talk about “the cast list” of ABC’s september juggernaut.




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