New DWTS Cast

30 08 2010

Proves how much ‘rumours’ are often truth…whispered.

Here is the newest cast of DWTS…and I cant say I didnt tell ya so 🙂

  • The Hoff
  • Brandy
  • The Situation
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Kurt Warner
  • Michael Bolton
  • Bristol Palin
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Rick Fox
  • Florence Henderson
  • Margaret Cho
  • Kyle Massey

I DID say they needed a stereotypical ‘older person, but Florence henderson (Brady bunch) is an inspired choice for this role. Ratings ratings ratings gold!

Fitting the bill as the ‘funny one’ this season is Margaret Cho…another great pick, she may not last long, but she’ll make for a great tag team of inappropriate banter with Tom Bergeron. She’ll also make up for the lack of personality from Audrina Patridge and Bristol Palin. I predict the both of them will give paint drying and Kate Gosselin a run for their money in dullness.

Adding Jennifer Grey to the ‘frey’ was interesting as well. Someone who’s sole income still arrives in the form of residuals based on a dancing movie. If you DONT think Dirty Dancing will make for more than a hundred different refernces throughout her term on the show, you havent watched this show enough. Just like Buzz Aldrin and the ‘moonwalk’… Dirty Dancing mentions will be inevitable.

Honestly, I cant automatically choose a winner from the group (unlike last season…where the choice was obvious from the get-go)

I’m, personally, extremely excited for this season. Line up is solid, characters are clear…my monday nights are officially scheduled.




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