AGT: Semi Final 2

31 08 2010

The question is, will the singers continue to dominate the competition?

Here’s how it went down tonight, according to ME …I do not profess to speaking on anyone’s behalf, so please…put down your hateful pen and paper! I come in peace :


  • Gabbys Mom – a 57 year old out-singing Whitney Houston? Should be an auto-pass to the finals.
  • High Flyers– they skipped the shock value and went for the artistic value…very smart, very well done. Cirque should get their number…
  • Michael the Magician– he GOT me! urgh…I hate that…but I love it!
  • The Biker– I’m just glad for an act OTHER than a singing/dancing performer. And Jeremy certainly brings an element of danger to his act, far beyond his co-competitors.
  • Fighting Gravity– Now THERE’S an act. A great act to take to Vegas and it would be totally bankable. They also had hype to live up to…and were able to step up and deliver.


  • Nathaniel– dull. Not current, and will definitely get lost in a crowded competition full of singers.
  • Blonde Sara McLaughlin – was underwhelming. She kinda belongs in a quaint coffee house, as background entertainment to a good latte…double foam. Nothing much larger is in her imminent future me thinks.


  • Maestro – half way through, I felt like I was at my cousins recital and I had to sit through 15 other pianists to get to her performance. Just…a bit, dull. No doubt high-brow talent, but I kinda miss the pyrotechnics.
  • HasPop- I actually love this guy. But his act tonight was a little confusing and likely wont get the 75 year old in middle america to vote for him.
  • Murray– another disappearing act. Seen enough of that before… train was there, then it wasnt. Poof.
  • Opera Singer– yes the crowd went wild, yes she was a favourite coming in…but I think she fell short of her reputation. She muffed a few notes, and wasnt as strong as I remember her to be. She’ll likely make it through…but I personally didnt give it a standing O.

Probably only 2 singers will make it through this time around (Gabbys Mom and the Opera Singer) so a far less saturated group overall. A good night of talent, it will make for a great FINALS!



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