Bachelor Pad Monday

31 08 2010

I think I have a serious problem…a few actually.

These problems surfaced and reared their ugly heads during last night’s episode of The Bachelor Pad. Perhaps you can help me figure this out.

1. Why do I find myself liking Wes after I was his veheminent critic in his season?

2.  Why am I starting to think Tenley has the brain capacity of me and my gaggle of friends at age 13?

3. Why do I hate Kypton and think he has the worst moral compass of the group?

4. Why in the heck am I feeling bad for blonde , naked -on-a dime Natalie ?

5. Why am I starting to PVR this show OVER other monday night shows?

and 6. I may be wrong, but is this the ONLY reality show, with a prize, that requires NO strategy to win?

Maybe if I explain myself, these revelations won’t seem so wrong and out of left field. Or, maybe you share some of my new opinions of this show. Let’s work this out together shall we?

1. After Gia left, Wes looked like a defeated guy. No swagger. When he left Gillian, he had his game face on and went into the local cantina for some new lady-lovin. In last night’s episode, he defended his relationship with Gia, defended himself after being called a nasty name by Dave, and continued to wheel-and-deal to save his behind. I see a reunion later on…the Gia and Wes love saga aint over my friends.

2. Tenley Tenley Tenley. What more can I say about this girl. She runs around like the girl with the sparkly barettes and neon-pink hoola hoop at the playground. Making friends, tagging boys, and making ice cream sundaes! yayyy! She ‘likes’ Kypton…but Kypton isnt quite there. Ladies, she is unfortunately acting as a stereotype for why men and women often fail in relationships. Men think one thing at it’s basic level.

Men: we are going
Women: He is supporting me, giving me courage and proving that he will be there for me through the highs and lows.

3. Kypton is a classic example of the guys we fall for, but will cry about for weeks after the break up. Here’s why. He seems nice. He wears his nice face, he has a job, he is outwardly concerned for your well-being, he isnt abrasively cruel to anyone, he doesnt bench-press 250 pounds, he wears a suit very well, and he looks like he loves his mother. But the truth in this case, is that he uses all that to his advantage. He totally copped a date out of Tenley, gave her some nice kissin, wine and dine,  and fantasy suite lovin’…but made her promise to “stay at a distance” at the house, you know, for the purpose of the game. right.

4. Yes, I felt bad for Natalie after being called a bridesmaid and never a bride. But here’s why. She knows that it is uninteresting to portray yourself as a person who just wants a family, and a husband and peanut butter sandwiches. She would never get a ‘job’ in this town, and would never get a guy’s attention, and would not get to show off her ‘money-makers’. I feel bad about that reality, but it is, indeed, a reality.

5. and 6. This show is getting good. As soon as it turned that corner, and became the show it was supposed to be…a smutty version of Big Brother with cast-offs. Once I got my head around the fact that strategy plays no pressing role, and that the changing state of each persons relationships would actually be the focus, I surrendered.

So surrender with me. Wes and Gwen are gone… the couples are taking over, but will the relationships last long enough for them to win it all?




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