AGT finals: results

1 09 2010

Quick! Who made the AGT Top 10 ?

Well, I like most of you, had to wait a full hour for this info… but here it is, ina small package, wrapped in bow of brevity:

  • Michael the Magician
  • The Biker
  • Fighting Gravity
  • The Opera Singer
  • The Dance crew

at first glance, the glaringly obvious omission is Gabbys mom…that’s right. The Dance crew made the finals, and NOT the superstar mama. inneresting development.





2 responses

1 09 2010
Dance crew sucks

The dance crew should NOT have gone on

2 09 2010

I tend to agree with you… if you’ve seen one ‘dance crew’, you’ve seen them all really. In this case, I think they looked ahead at the finals, and contested their decision to put through so many singers. They wanted variety.

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