SYTYCD Canada: results

1 09 2010

How can you POSSIBLY vote out dancers you’ve only seen in one or two routines? It’s impossible, yet it happens every week on these competition shows. It’s a travesty and comes down to how many family members and friends are voting for their realtive on the show. I mean really.

So last night, it all began with a rousing Bollywood number . One small gripe: Jai Ho is sensational song, and it has become synonymous with Bollywood’s integration in America (thanks to Slum Dog taking over the Oscars last year). But it is also naive to think that it is the ONLY song us North Americans will embrace. Please, use other tunes…we wont bite.

The voting process and ‘dance for your life’ segment goes by at record pace. I DO love this tweak from the American version. If you know me, I hate ‘filler-fluff’ and this show ONLY requires half an hour…an hour gives far too much time for product placement, random performances, judge banter and recaps.

I dont think I was totally on the same page as the judges last night. I thought that if they had looked past last night’s performance and took into account the full body of work (from auditions to Toronto to last night) the outcome wouldve been better…ahem different.

Yonni and Bree went home.

Next week I’m hearing the list of choreographers is a pretty interesting brood including: Stacey Tookey, Sean Cheesman, Sho-Tyme, Gustavo Vargas, Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin, Sabrina Matthews, Maria Torres, Benji Schwimmer and Luther Brown



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