AGT: Top 10

7 09 2010

The best of the best, the 10 most talented people in America, the 10 acts that are most worthy of 1 million dollars

well, let’s face it… they only have to be good enough to make Top 4…then they have to worry about being ‘the best’.

I don’t think the performers represented the TOP 10 Most talented acts in AMerica…but there are some names that will benefit from the experience, and maybe even be talked about after next week. There are at least 6 others, that will not ever be remembered past their exit speech.

Here is my commentary on the evening…again, MY commentary. It may not be the most popular, but it’s what I choose to impart from my easy chair 4 feet from the TV:


  • Fighting Gravity– always creative, always interesting…the concept is fresh and can easily be tranferrable to a Vegas show.
  • Michael Grimm– This guy is a star. I said it the first time I saw him. The difference between him and Taylor, is that Michael has soul in his voice and in his eyes, he is determined and is using this chance to live his passion.
  • The Magician– I will admit, I was skeptical that yet another disappearing woman act would interest me…but he does it with style, and always shows up in the most unbelievable places. He got me again!
  • Prince Poppycock – George Washington meets Fantasia meets the Rockettes meets Liberace. Nuff said?!
  • Opera girl– yes, ok, fine. she has a fabulous voice…could they tout or promote this kid any more than they do? It was missing a power end-note to take it over the top.


  • The sister act– I know I’ll get hate mail for this. But this act has a god backstory and really blonde hair…I dont think they are qualified for this stage of the game, and I dont think they have a chance on earth of making it any further.
  • Ana and Patrick– the fall is all anyone will remember about this act. It’s a shame but…


  • The dance crew– I was against them even gracing the Top 10..but alas, they did exactly what I expected. They danced like the background of any music video you’ve seen in the last year. Uneventful.
  • The Biker– it was daring, and he didnt fall…but half-way through, I found myself distracted by the background ‘dancers’ and a little bored with the act. It’s not really a performance…and I dont know how long I could watch that in Vegas (would you pay 85$, and miss an hour of gambling?)
  • Taylor – a good singer, marketable talent and a face for the camera. Should be a lock, but in a class of pretty solid acts…he’s middle of the pack at this point.

So, thoughts? 4 will make  it through to the finals… there are a few we can be SURE dont have a shot, some on the fence, and some have been a lock since the start.




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10 09 2010

this is awesome man

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