SYTYCD Canada: results

8 09 2010

For those of us keeping up with the Canadian version of SYTYCD (and loving it!) Here’s a brief rundown of last night’s show:

A hipster-chic contemporary piece opened the show, choreographed by non other than the the wizard of dance herself…The Magnanimous Mia Michaels. Of course, she was there for her cameo, hug and profession of adoration from Leah,  and bouquet of CTV flowers I’m sure.

and as quickly as it began…the show turns to the eliminations in a snap.

Bottom three dance for their lives…are solos all starting to look the same to anyone else? no?

Judges tearfully make the decision to send Julia and Jera (wasnt that a movie? sorry…) home. Both were very talented, and probably deserved a few more weeks to gather a following…but such is the nature of this game.




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