TIFF: Day 1

9 09 2010

Red Carpets will roll…

It is Day 1 of the Toronto International Film Festival, and with all the STARS showing up, what we really need is some SUN! September in Toronto is as unpredictable as ‘the-hunt-for-the-next-Idol-judge’. Last year it was 35 degrees (that’s hot for our american readers!), theyear before…torrential tsunami rains devastated the Holt party, the year before… LA had nothing on us.

What will this year bring? The forecast looks grey and cool…ironically, isnt that the trend for this season? I mean, it’ll match the black cocktail dresses and cool diamond bling.

Lets get past the weather shall we? If the only impression of Toronto these Celebs bring home with them is “it was kinda grey and cool”…then they missed the festival atmosphere  altogether.

Today, the Festival officially opens with a truly Canadian experience: music, hockey and polite criticism. When I heard that Michael McGowans “Score: A Hockey Musical” would open TIFF, I was worried. Worried that it was too obvious a choice, too Kitschy Canadian, too ‘in your face’ Toronto-lovin’. But last year, TIFF opened with a non Canadian film to much critical condemnation. So, choosing “Score” is somewhat of a ‘you asked for it’ wrapped in a could-be cult film bow.

I’ve read the reviews, and most are hesitant to give a true opinion. I think this film’s success will be determined infront of a live audience at the screening. Rhyming “zamboni” with “baloney” might be a huge bomb. On the other hand, it might just be the kind of clever irreverance that Canadians embrace.

Flop or Not… ‘Score’ will draw huge stars for its Red Carpet debut. Watch your back when you’re grabbing coffee today. Olivia Newton John, Walter Gretzky, Nelly Furtado…and likely a smackering of other hockey stars (cue Tie Domi and the cast of Battle of the Blades) are all in town for the premiere!

So wander through Yorkville today and keep your eyes peeled (I’ve already heard reports of an Olivia Newton John spotting!)




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