TIFF: Day 2

10 09 2010

Before we get into Day 2, Some of you are are just waking up from an opening night for the ages- especially if you’re a proud Canadian without an inferiority complex about your global stereotype. That’s right folks, Score A Hockey Musical officially opened TIFF last night, and it put on QUITE a party. Akin to the giant blow-up Beavers at the Closing Ceremonies in Vancouver…and just as many hockey fans in attendance.

It’s a strange mix, film afficianados and festival elite mingling with Walter Gretzsky, Theo Fleury and Ron Mclean. Throw in icon Olivia Newton John, songstress Nelly Furtado and national late-night treasure George Strombo…and you’ve got the trimmings for a very interesting evening…Oh, and there was air hockey at the Liberty Grand. ‘Hey Olivia, I challenge YOU!’

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun

But now it’s the day after…Day 2. Now TIFF can get into a groove, and start generating Oscar buzz for worthy films. Today, the screenings of heavy-weight contenders such as Stone, Trust and the much talked about I’m Still Here.

Trust is the latest David Schwimmer vehicle – and in his desperation to shed the ‘Friends’-days, he has made an impressive transition. This film will be extremely heavy (a complete departure from his ‘Run Fat Boy Run’) as it deals with an online predators relationship with a young girl, and how her family deals with her rape and devastation.

Stone is getting some may-jor hype coming into the festival. I’m not a fan of Edward Norton rocking cornrows as an arsonist and inmate dealing with Parole officer (Robert De Niro) on his last assignment.

Finally, audiences will make up their own minds about the Joaquin Pheonix 2 year check-out from the movie business in I’m Still Here. Was it all a hoax? Was it scripted? Is he just a phenominal method actor a la Brando or a sad drug-adict squandering his priviledged actor-life? There will be alot of discussion about this film, not because it should win an Oscar, but because the whole scenario taps into a reality-tv culture where the line between art and life is often indistinct.

Oh right, and also…Megan Fox has landed in TO. Do whatever you please with that info…




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