TIFF: Day 4 wrap

12 09 2010

Day 4 of the festival, and if you havent been into the downtown core yet…you can’t possibly know the feeling of being ‘part of it’. Everyone is looking around like they are trying to find ‘Waldo’… trying to catch the candid glimpse of a tourist-celeb.

Today, I was in the heart of it…with my fellow commoners!

I was at Yonge-Dundas. I was at Bloor-Yonge, Yorkville Ave and King and John.

At Yonge Dundas, there are big monitors showing Red Carpet interviews and trailers for festival films. Free bleacher seats.

Bloor and Yonge is a hotbed up chi-chi stores where celebs often nose around. People are generally spotted with cameras in their hands, and donning Coco sunglasses.

Yorkville is the hub. I stood outside Hazelton suites for a little under 20 minutes and saw more black Escalades than a party at Diddy’s house. I also saw a man get into one of said monster-trucks who looked like Woody Allen. Just sayin…

The Bell Lightbox is an absolutely AMAZING new cultural icon for the city. It represents our commitment to film history, present and the bright future…bringing cinema to the masses and the elite in one venue. It makes me SO proud to be a host to it’s presence. And it throws quite a party. That’s right…a block party in it’s honour was held today and it was a whole lotta dancin’ in the streets. K’Naan, Fifi Dobson headlined… but the highlight was the party atmosphere in the crowd.

By the way, kudos to the throwback to good ole fashioned street marketing campaigns. I got a purse-full of free stuff today walking the streets…and I would personally like to say, keep it comin’! I’m stocked up on Burts Bees, New teeth whitening gel and Jelly Bellies to last until winter (when I will have to pay for such items!)

I would ALSO like to give credit to the orgnanizing and customer relations commitee at TIFF. I sent a somewhat scathing email in complant of a glitch online. Within a few hours, I received a PERSONAL email from the PR dept with a full refund for my mishap. Proving once again, we live in a great country, with great people, and this festival is one CLASS ACT.



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