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13 09 2010

Ok, I apologize for getting slightly sidetracked with TIFF.
This IS a TV blog!

Let me get back to business…because there’s a whole lotta new business goin’ on!

To start with, the VMA’s were held last night (but unless you have MTV…you didnt see it.) Here’s what you missed:

  • Justin Bieber looked cute. But will definitely need to change his hair…at SOME point!
  • Lady Gaga continues to boycot clothing in it’s tradional function. She wore everything from golden feathers, to raw meat to snake skin, pointy leather brazier and faux hawk… somehow I doubt we have much in common. 
  • Taylor Swift milks it…even though the Kanye-cow is completely dry. Some people write songs about embarassing moments… I try to forget about it and move on…to each his own.
  • Usher continued to worm his way back into the fame game. A smart decision…he wore what Beiber wore. Foolproof tactic.
  • Rihanna and Eminem opened the show… you know, Eminem, that white rapper guy from the year 2000? Right, well, he’s back.
  • Big winner: Lady Gaga… good thing she planned lots of outfits for the occasion. Although perosnally, I wouldve swapped out the meat ensemble with something less…edible.

All this week…your favourite TV shows are slowly starting to get back to work. You’ll see Ellen and Oprah back at their normal times with all new shows.
Remember, this is Oprah’s last season…will…be…HUGE! Oprah Huge. Like, she has to beat giving new cars to the audience, and she will! Tune in today at 4pm… hugeness (have I said that?)




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