TIFF: Day 5

13 09 2010

Good Morning TIFF-ers. Here’s your Photo wrap up from Day 4

Marion Cotillard is prettier than you.

Clint Eastwood receives his adoration from the serfs and paupers of Toronto.

Scott Speedman is REALLY happy to be relevant again.

and Rosamund Pike went for the ‘bedhead’ look…she unfortunately acheived a ‘bedhead’ look.

It’s a big day, with some heavy heavy favourites holding their Galas.

Black Swan, the Arronofsky directed ballet-pyscho-thriller starring the (gift to modern cinema) effervescent Natalie Portman. There is swirling buzz and it is picking up buzz every festival it attends. Remember, Arronofsky relaunched the fledgling career of Mickey Rourke (thanks, I guess?), and was the rough stylistic genius of The Wrestler…this film is arguably one of the most anticipated coming in to the fest, and will likely be the Oscar favourite when it leaves.

Heres the Black Swan TRAILER.

Get out there and snap some photos, show up at Roy Thompson Hall before the screening and watch the Escalades roll in!




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