AGT Finale

14 09 2010

The Top 4 duked it out tonight… is anyone the clear winner?

I dont want to sway any votes by saying this (not that anyone would listen either way!) but I feel like the position on the performance show tonight, could be indicative of where each performer lands in the voting. I could be very wrong. But go with it for a second….

First: Poppycock – kinda blew his chances tonight. He wasnt glitzy enough, or fun enough… he was just a strange man in drag taking on Pavarati’s signature song.

Second: Michael Grimm – might have a chance, based on his previous  hype and backstory…

Third: Jackie O – is the OBVIOUS Piers favourite…could he have made it more painfully clear who he wanted to win? Geez! I figured she would end the night…but…

Fourth: Fighting Gravity– minus the small miscue, they are the most exciting act. They are the most transitionable to a Vegas act (which is the main prize….right?), and might just overtake the wonder child for the title.

Here are the results from last weeks Poll:

After tonight’s performances, let’s take another stab at choosing the winner shall we? Submit your vote here, and see if we can determine the winner (voting will close before tomorrows results…so get yours in ASAP!)

Who will win it all? Tune in tomorrow night …at around 9:58 for the announcement. Or you can also watch 2 hours of filling time made FAMOUS by finale results shows 🙂




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