Bachelor Pad Finale

14 09 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew the finale of the Bachelor Pad would be such riveting Television?
Who knew it would come down to strategic play?
Who knew the house hated KypandTen enough to give 250,000 to the other couple?
Who knew, the couple that ‘connected physically’ once would go on to win the whole shebang?

At the beginning of the finale episode, 3 couples remained. But after winning a creative crossover with DWTS… Tenley and Kypton chose Dave and Natalie to join them in the top 4. Baaaad choice. I suppose either choice had its druthers. But just like in Survivor, the person taken to the finals is always the one who gets the votes in the end…. someone should do a study on that.

Of course, it came down to a vote, the ‘jury’ being all of th house members. If the ‘strategy’ not to take Elizabeth and Kovaks was because of their ‘strength in challenges’…well, that was a major miss! But really, it woulve been a more interesting vote if the 2 couples were D+N vs E+K … the truth is, whomever was up against Kyp+Ten wouldve won. No one wasnted to give them the money. Barbie and Ken live in a dreamworld where everything is rosy and white as snow. Gameplayers were going to win this show all along…not the ‘most congenial couple’.

Who do you think wouldve won if it was the other 2 couples vying for the $$$? I’m guessing the results wouldve been the same. So, Dave and Natalie had this game won before this episode. Infact, that means they had this game won by winning the balloon toss. What a way to WIN a cool quarter million.

The final ‘twist’ came at the very end, when the team had to choose whether to Split or Share the cash. This is just mean. Split meant that everyone in the house got part of the money, Share meant that the couple would share the winnings. C’Mon! Who in their right minds Splits the cash unless they have to continue living with these people and are still jockeying for position! I mean…seriously! This should NOT have even been a question.

In the end, after much tearful debate… the couple shared the money (shocker!) between themselves… and the rest of the cast went home empty handed. I guess that’s not necessarily true, they all had their 15 minutes and a lover on their arm. Heck, one might even get on DWTS.

Sources are saying the Bachelor franchise isnt done with this spin-off. You may be seeing Bachelor Pad as filler between Bachelor/ettes each season… but will you watch? How much of this can any person endure? I guess we’ll find out… ABC has found a winning formula and you can’t argue with ratings and buzz.

Next, the juggernaut DWTS begins…and this blogger, couldnt be more happy to see Bachelor Pad replaced with B-Listers in sequins dancing for a worthless (but extremely shiny) trophy.




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