Survivor Premiere

15 09 2010

The first time I watched Survivor, I was on my first babysitting job. This was my tactic… my plan…my distraction. Survivor was MY newest obsession, and I quickly turned the little ones into avid followers…which incidentally, gave me an hour less to colour and play hide & seek.

So, the fact that I am still watching this show, each new season with renewed anticipation…either makes me no better than my grandmother who has watched her soaps for 40 years straight, or maybe this show is just THAT good.

The birth of reality TV (I do not count ‘the real world’…sorry) continues to re-birth every 7  or 8 months without skipping a beat.

The reinvention continued tonight with the 20-something season premiere. This time, its the Oldies against the Young, there’s a new power medallion and Jimmy Johnson is thrown into the mix.

The Young will obviously have the upper hand at strength challenges (that’s the point right?) yet, they also prove their youth with every interaction at camp. There will be some MAY-JA drama and potential for canoodling under the stars. But over at the Oldies camp, Jimmy Johnson is leading his troops into battle mentally.

So, no surprise, the Oldies lost the challenge. The voting decision came down to the question  of strength. WHo was the weakest member? Normally, it would just be ‘the old one’…but in this season, the fogies have a fighting chance being on a level playing field to begin with.

After 20-odd seasons, people should know AT LEAST one thing about this game. SHUT UP. Whenever you can, and especially on the first elimination…just, SHUT UP. Wendy Jo opted to try and save herself by throwing every thought that crossed her mind at her tribe members pre-vote. yikes. Someone kick her before she….

gets voted out.

The first tribe member is sent packing, and after just one episode…I am hooked.




2 responses

17 09 2010

Don’t be too hasty about assuming the ‘fogies’ don’t have an edge -remember Outwit – Outlast – with age comes wisdom. BTW, I think the reason the fogies lost the challenge had nothing to do with strength, but a lack of strategy. They put too much faith in the coach, not enough in themselves – so saith the coach! 😉

17 09 2010

a little more coaching from Jimmy Johnson and theyll be back on track!

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