TIFF: Day 7

15 09 2010

Can you believe it? One week down…

Yesterday, the prolific Roger Ebert made some very complimentary tweets about our fair city, and this blogger, couldnt be more thrilled! I’m Canadian…I love it when people give us pats ont he back and ‘mentions’… never gets old. Oh, and the highlight of the day was that THE BOSS was in town. I guess he didnt get the role as final judge on American Idol… meh, this gig is better.

Anyhoo… Here’s a photo wrap up for Day 6, I warn you… Nicole Kidman is scary up close.

Natalie Portman “Just TRY to find a flaw, mwahahaha”.

Sam Worthington was under the impression that one needs to grow a beard to keep warm in this county.

Nicole Kidman has yet to recover from her Stepford Wives role… she even sleeps with that mask on.

and Helen Mirren decides that dressing UP for Toronto is unnecessary…the Jersey knit dress will suffice.

Today, watch for Zach Braff, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Ryan Phillipe and Sarah Silverman. They are all in town, and all have films to promote. Gosling is slowly working his way back into Oscar nominee contention, ans his film Blue Valentine (may not be the feel goood film of the festival) is getting some buzz.

Any celeb sightings or films that need to be recognized? Let me know! Remember, Ryan Gosling knows his way around this city…he could be anywhere!



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