TIFF-ed off.

15 09 2010

I have some beef. (and not in the form of a dress… that’s been done)

My beef is with returning Canadian ‘celebrities’ who flippantly belittle their connection with this country.

Exhibit A: Keanu Reeves – in his Presser, many questions were directed at his ‘hometown connection’ and each was shot down – giving no fodder for local mags/media to splash proudly across their pages.

The first Q: “Being that Toronto is your hometown, what do you like to do when you arrive?”
His A “I dont have any rituals…nothing really.”

Another Q: “Do you have any intention of returning to your roots and helping to develop Canadian cinema?”
His A: “No, not really…no”

Throw us a bone Reeves.
I mean really. I’m not asking for a gushing retrospective of your childhood in TO, but at least give us as much as any OTHER actor asked about their Toronto experiences. Instead, this guy goes out of his way to sweep every Toronto-based question under the rug.

In this country, it doesnt take much to be a mega-star in our “Star System”. But one thing is for sure, once you’ve ‘made it’…maintenance is quite simple. Say one soundbyte about Canada (especially on a late night show or Regis and Kelly) and you’re set for life. It wouldnt hurt…you could still go back to your house in the Hollywood Hills, but you won’t have completely turned your back on the home-market.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive, but if an American that has to be TOLD where Canada is on a map can shell out an accolade or two (canned or not)…certainly our exports can!

There, I’ve made my beef…




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