TIFF: Day 8

16 09 2010

I love Toronto.

Stars can check in any time they want, but I could NEVER leave! (little Eagles reference there….)

And the stars DO check in anytime they want, and leave just as fast. No sooner do I see them walking our red carpets, then I see them gracing Leno’s stage.

Here’s the Photo wrap up for Day 7:

Abigail Breslin is trying out for the new Twilight…and showing off some Spray ‘Un’-Tan.

Ryan Gosling could sell anything with that face…

Taraji is surprised that people recognize her

and Sarah Silverman couldnt get her jewelery through customs, so ropes were used in their place.

I went off a little bit on Keanu Reeves yesterday. The guy grew up literally 2 blocks from his press conference, and yet he couldnt manage to make a comment about ‘coming home’… even when specifically asked. Disassociate all you want Keanu, you’ve got canadian blood and we’ll never let you forget it.

Also, congrats to all the films that have been sold at the Fest… it’s not just about the shoes Nicole Kidman wears people – some great indie films will now have an audience and the cast/crew might even get some $!

Today, the galas for Sarah’s Key and (Canadian film) Casino Jack will hit the red carpet. So expect to see Kevin Spacey, Jon Lovitz and Kristin Scott Thomas.




One response

21 07 2012

Hi! I am a huge fan of Keanu Reeves! Would you be so kind to tell me where in Toronto kid Keanu grew up? I really want to go and see these place!
Have a nice day!

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