The Apprentice Premiere

17 09 2010

After a few mediocre seasons as a show to promote D-List celebrities, The Apprentice is returning to it’s original format – and I for one, am pleased as punch.

Who knows whether the Donald’s sappy soliloquy about the unemployment rate, and the sad state of the American economy is sincere… but part of me HAS to think the changes have more to do with HIS bottom line than giving ‘the good’ people the American Dream.

Love him or hate him…does he really need Roman theme music following him wherever his golden feet touch ground? I mean seriously…overkill. we get it. He’s rich.

Anyways, the format WORKS. it’s a great concept, the ‘ultimate job interview’ is always compelling, and I’m glad we dont have to watch washed up sports stars and post-rehabbed celebs pretending to know something about business. These contestants are well-educated, highliy experienced and driven to succeed. They wont have a rolodex of rich friends to bail them out with $25,000 for a ‘charity’ hamburger or lemonade.

It was back in fine form last night, the Men won the first challenge…and the women got fiesty in the boardroom. In the end, the girl who relied on alot of game-play and a good face… was the first to leave in the cab.

So are you watching?




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19 09 2010

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21 09 2010

another great Blog! thanks for sharing with readers….

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