DWTS Recap: Premiere

21 09 2010

I was excited, I was pacing around all day…but most of all, I was just happy that I didnt have to watch Bachelor Pad another monday night. It was getting difficult to justify.

last night, the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars (or within 6 degrees of seperation of a real star…) kicked off…and this show is MONEY.

This show has matured, and settled in to a groove. No more hiding the fact that there are certain ‘roles to fill’ each season. Although, some of the roles are filled by people you wouldnt expect necessarily.

Exhibit A:

The Token Old Person – this role SHOULD be filled by Florence Henderson, instead, it is in actual fact being filled by David Hasselhoff.

The Hot Bod– should have been The Situation, but he opted to cover up entirely(Maybe ABC didnt buy the rights to his…Situation?)…Audrina Patridge and Florence Henderson showed more off their ‘stuff’ than any other contestant last night.

For me, the dances of the night were as follows (in no particular order)

  • The Disney Kid – yes, I love him. I love him like I loved Emmett. He has the charisma (blowing Audrina out of the water…) and a GREAT youthful and creative partner in Lacy.
  • Brandy – obviously. She’s got some experience, and she’s got the ‘vehicle’…oh, and she’s got the secret weapon. Sexy Maks.
  • Rick Fox- Canadian Content. sorta. But he has a mega-watt smile, he doesnt have that ‘cardboard limbs’ syndrome many tall athletes possess. And Cheryl will whip him into shape in no time. She’s a monster.
  • Florence– may not win this thing, but she wont be the Buzz Aldrin of the dancefloor either…she’s got a great body, a great personality and legendary status.
  • Jennifer Grey – I liked her dancing, I didnt like her (in my opinion!) fake-break-down. Derek always gets the cream of the crop, and he lucked out again this year.

The Situation wasnt anything to write home about, Audrina needs to work on appealing to her fans parents (the people who VOTE),  Bristol needs to bring her Mom along for star-cred, and Margaret Cho should take a page from Neicy’s play-book and use her comic-personality in her video pieces, not the dance.


Tune in for tonight’s results (bringing back the first week eliminations eh? hmmm…)




4 responses

21 09 2010
L sharer

I agree…especailly about the Hof. What about jennifer grey?

21 09 2010

she was definitely good… I feel like she created ‘drama’ with her break down over Swayze. I may be a cynic.

21 09 2010
Jennifer Grey

I really admire Jennifer Grey’s tribute to Patrick Swayze on DWTS. Last night was just special. They got to dance to a song that is so iconic and it triggered great souvenirs.

21 09 2010

thanks for your post. I wish I wasnt such a cynic…but I kinda feel like the whole ‘tribute’ and break down was… less than authentic. Just my thought.

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