Tuesday Night TV Wrap

22 09 2010

The big news came at 10:01 with the Hoff eliminated FIRST from DWTS.

But in other news… The season premiere for The Biggest Loser and GLEE also aired last night. Didya watch?

I did. I have the hardest working PVR in the city.

On Biggest Loser, Bob and Jillian continue their crusade to find really overweight people with a tragic backstory in order to inspire and change their lives. And they certainly did. From people dealing with death and loss, to people dealing with major health issues to people with the lowest self esteem/ There was a dry eye in my family room …every 5 minutes ont hsi show. Maybe it was the inspiring background music, or the fact that contestants REFUSE to wipe their tears…just let it stream down their faces.

So the teams were selected, and the offical competition begins next week. It’s a good show, lots of motivation and the weight loss in unbelievable to watch! Now, I say this out of love, this is NOT the show to eat your nightly snack infront of. Wait until DWTS or GLEE to pull out the cheetos people…trust me, the guilt leaves a bad taste.

Ok… now on to GLEE. Sticking with the formula, GLEE keeps making smart additions (cameos) that boost the shows pedigree. This week, the Oprah-discovered Charice made her debut – and this will no doubt launch her career into popular consciousness. She was fantastic. Almost blowing Lea Michele away…until the final song of course.

There is also a new blonde-boy that will threaten Finn’s spot on the team and king-of-the-school popularity. But I’ve heard whispers that He is NOT there to dethrone Finn, but rather as a love interest…for Kurt.

So, what did YOU watch last night?




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