Greys Anatomy Premiere

24 09 2010

How did the Greys Anatomy faithful enjoy last night’s premiere?

There was kind of something for everyone. Witticisms, Therapy, freak outs, Rogue surgeries, awkward moments, emo-hipster-prog-rock ballads, tears and breakdowns, oh…and an in-home wedding. But after an epic finale, it’s awfully hard to bounce-back with something comparable.

Let’s get to them all shall we?

The production was pretty impressive- alot of flashbacks and cross cutting to remind us of the finale tragedy and what has happened to each character as a result. The docs are all dealing with the shooting differently. Meredith (as usual) is dismissing and repressing…for later. Yang is in denial, and totally relying on a man for her support and safety. Thus a wedding ensues. Little Grey has turned into a sedated zombie, with an occasional breakdown. Derek is going through a mid-life crisis (think fast cars and freedom).

One thing that bothered me was the ‘like a bandaid’ approach they took to certain storylines. Derek up and quits his position as The Chief – something that was a major storyline last season…how quickly we forget? He gives the job in a heartbeat to the Old chief. Um, wouldnt there be some discussion about that? Like, is the man over his little alcohol issue that got him fired in the first place? Little Grey and Alex are no more. Also, Bailey lets her Old Spice boyfriend go. Just like that… disappointing.

Overall, some good moments, and creative filming to get us back into the season. hard to know where the season will go from here… Yang is married (will it last?), Meredith and Derek are trying to get pregnant (and he doesnt know about that miscarriage thing, small detail) but Derek has turned into a reckless delinquent. Little Grey is off her rocker, and the blonde doctor is STILL here toiling to break up Yang and Owen.

Thoughts about the premiere?



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