Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2010

Couldnt have asked for a better way to spend a sunday night – watching the premiere of the most consistently exciting show on TV: The Amazing Race.

Like I said in the preview, this show NEVER need to change its format…it doesnt need writers (otherwise I’d be on the staff) to create drama and thrill. I’m sure there is some ‘set up’…but generally speaking, it is the adrenaline of the race, and the ordinary people that take us through it with them.

This season, there are already some great personalities. The Docs are my early favs, along with the Southern Belle and her Dad, and the Nerds. Who doesnt love a good nerd?

There are always the feuding couples, and the blonde chicks stuck in an abusive relationship…sometimes hard to watch actually. Honey, just because “he used to play football” doesnt mean he can lambast you with insults every step of the way…you’re in denial.

The most intense moment of the night came half-way through the watermelon challenge, when the melon projectile backfired into the face of a contestant. It was beyond ‘laughable’…it was scary. The girl didnt get a pie in the face or slip on a banana…she got a rock hard, head sized melon – to the melon! (sorry…)

She got right back into the game uttering  “I cant feel my face” as they ran ahead. Girl, you’re lucky your forehead and nose didnt change places after that blow. Here’s the Watermelon Headshot heard around the world… I warn you, this is PAINFUL.

First group eliminated? The Broadway Boys. Got lost and never caught up.

Any early favourites? I have mine!




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