DWTS Monday Recap

27 09 2010

Monday nights have come a long way from Bachelor Pad drama. With the return of DWTS, now it’s spray tans, crocodile tears and serious boob-shots. So…I’m sorry, maybe it hasnt really come that far!

There were some stand outs, but alot more cringe-worthy performances which will make things interesting tomorrow night. There are a few obvious bottom dwellers after tonight:

  • Bolton was absolutley wooden in his movement and is quickly losing his ‘sex appeal’ that he worked so hard to acheive in his career. Ironically, A white man singing soul seemed to work for him…but a white man dancing jive did not.
  • The Situation– maybe it’s because he doesnt need to money. Of anyone on the show, this guy is set for the next few years, so perhaps this doesnt mean as much to the guy. Oh, and did anyone realize until now that he has a MAY-jor case of pigeon feet?
  • Margaret Cho- An improvement, and given some time…she may start to surprise people. Just not tonight.

The Middle-minglers were all pretty even tonight:

  • Florence – is graceful and dances like she’s 15 years younger than she is…but that’s still 20 years older than her competition. Age matters, especially in the free-style round. Do you think this gal can do flips?
  • Kurt- nice guy, ok dancer. Not much more to say.
  • Bristol– finally, she is using her resources to pull some votes…her Mom was in every shot tonight.

So the Tops of the night for me were…

  • Jennifer Grey – again, she’s got the best partner in Derek, but the woman brings some serious capability to the partnership. Not sure what her previous experience is, but she’s definitley displaying some talent early on.
  • Kyle- Not a super high score, but he was dynamic and crowd pleasing. He has a waaaay better attitude than the Sitch, which will likely make up for his lack of popular familiarity.
  • Audrina– yep, this girl can dance…mind you, she has spent every night of her teenage and early-adult life in a club. In this case, she is also very good at taking direction and executing…her body doesnt hurt her either.
  • Brandy– slipped a little tonight, but she is still topping the lsit of contenders based on her facility and previous experience. She’ll be fine…but she needs to stop pretneding like she’s ‘amazed’ to be doing so well.

So who will leave us tomorrow night? My guess, is it will be a dog fight between Bolton and the Situation. Thoughts?




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27 09 2010
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