ANTM Recap

29 09 2010

Is anyone watching Americas Next Top Model…or am I outing myself to Tyra-haters?

The show, admittedly, has gone through some ‘awkward seasons’…but if you enjoy the format… it’s safe to start watching again.

This season, Tyra is looking for high-fashion, because the prize isnt just `Seventeen MAgazine`…its Italian Vogue. No  Taylor Swift or Demi-Lovato look-alikes on THAT cover. You have to be cutting edge, gangly, and`beautifully ugly` to even be considered.

So this season,  the tall, paperthin, bone-barbies with big eyes are the ones rocking the shoots. It`s fabulous again!

I encourage you, find it before Survivor and tune in. You dont have to tell anyone about it…it can be our little secret.




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