Survivor Recap

29 09 2010

I’m still getting used to watching Survivor on a wednesday… arent you? It’s kind of like moving Christmas up a day… feels all wrong, yet so right!

One other thing I’m having rouble with, is the ‘One Challenge’ format. Whatever happened to a reward challenge AND an Immunity challenge? How are they filling the time… more conversation at camp? More conversation at Tribal? I’m trying to figure it out, but I would like to see more physical gameplay…makes the hour more exciting in my opinion.

So tonight, the struggle for the title of  ‘Alpha Male’ on the older team was the main event. The New England Fisherman thinks he’s the physical leader of the group, but so does every other guy on the team. In reality, the leadership position is already filled by the guy who made a very successful living as a teamleader: Jimmy Johnson.

So after yet another loss to the young-guns… the men beat their chests and decided to go after JJ. Not that he cared. JJ has done an impeccable job at portraying himself as the man ‘just there for the team’ or ‘just here for the experience’ – both are probably true. He doesnt need the paycheque, he doesnt need the infamy, he doesnt need the accolades. So it was likely the safest game decision to vote OUT the guy with nothing to lose or gain.

aaaand they did. Jimmy Johnson went home tonight. I’m sure he’ll be on Regis and Kelly or David Letterman within the week. Dont cry for him…

Last thought for the night – what’s with the ‘tude on the young-guns team? I mean seriously, some people will say anything and act like ignorant fools just to be ‘talked about’ at the finale. Specifically, NaOnka (a teacher btw… the education of American children in her hands…just sayin’) rocking the ‘hood’ slang and finger waggin’. It is just unneccessary…and it’s over-used as a character tactic. She needs to be on Big Brother or Top Model with that nonsense.

Thoughts? Do you miss the extra challenge?



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