Greys Anatomy Thursday

30 09 2010

I love Greys Anatomy…there I said it.

I love that I have been watching this series from the start, and it continues to be the marquee event every thursday night. As much as there has been a revolving door of characters and plotlines…it always comes back to the core of what makes it great. The anchors.

Great dialogue (no one does monologues better!), Great themes (always topical and a perfect mix of humour and sensitivity) and love.

The greatest love story of them all is the one between Yang and Meredith. As Meredith once said “you’re my person” and as Hunt says “I may be her husband, but you’re her soulmate”. It’s so beautiful. The friendship is ironclad no matter what…and they ARE soulmates. And they always end up lying face up to the ceiling working it out together.

Tonight, Yang faced the devestating aftershock of ‘the gunman’. She freaked out during a surgery and the only person that could coerse her out of her paralysis was Meredith.

Meredith was also instrumental in reversing her decision to break up with Owen …with some help from a gripping speech about ‘going nowhere without you’ by the ginger-haired wonder boy himself.

Another great episode which ended in Meredith FINALLY being cleared for surgery, Derek promising not to street race again, Carev getting the bullet removed and Little Grey putting another dagger in McSteamys heart.

Where is this series going this season? Someone needs to get pregnant…just sayin.




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