Battle of the Blades: The First Skate

3 10 2010

Sounds like a Spielberg sequel doesnt it?

This show could only work in this country…and because of that, I embrace it wholeheartedly (with a Timmies in hand!)

The level of finesse and professionalism has been raised three rungs higher than last season. All of a sudden, these bruisers want to win, and want to WORK to win. It’s amazing, there wasnt a bad performance in the bunch, and it was only the first night of performance!

Here’s what went down in the Arena:

  • Brisbois and Shaye Lyn are a power couple. He’s got the physique and Montrealers on his side.
  • Kelly Chase looks a bit like Shrek, but has potential and a whole lotta heart.
  • Todd Warriner attempted a double throw…?!?! O…M…G… If they had landed it, they wouldve gotten the score of the night. They will have a next time to perfect it guaranteed!
  • PJ Stock is a little bit out of his league here. He’s still a frosh boy at heart, and I dont see him acquiring finesse in a week.
  • George Laroque is….massive. But the man is flipping his partner like a pancake (or as Pelletier would say ‘like a seal’- that’s why we love the French!) with utter masculinity…oh, and a smile on his face the whole time.
  • Val Bure has potenital because of his speed and fluidity… that wouldve been grounds for a fight in the old hockey days i’m sure! But in this arena…it accounts for high scores.
  • Russ Courtnall had a few rough spots, and it doesnt say much when the judges say ‘that was the best I’ve seen you skate that routine’… but he has a great spirit and is skating for more than recognition.
  • Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale are arguably the penultimate couple to beat. They are both workhorses and have fire in their eyes.

A great way to start of a season, and hosts Ron and Kurt are such great MC/navigators – kudos to the CBC for hiring such a classy group of professionals…minus the addtion of Jeremy Roenick to the panel.




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