DWTS: Week 3

4 10 2010

The competition is breaking WIDE open on DWTS…whoda thunk?

We all thought Jennifer Grey was a lock for the trophy, and that Brandy would be the obvious contender… but this week proved… there are others in this competition who might just topple the towers!

Here’s how it went in the Ballroom tonight:

  • Yah Jennifer Grey was good. (Her nose job is even better! sorry…inappropriate.) The girl can rock a button down, cleavage shirt like nobodys bizniz… and the judges love her: 8’s all around.
  • Florence showed her age and slipped into the ‘old and stiff’ cliche. She fooled us the first few weeks…but tonight it was a little bit slow and painful. Again, hate to say it…token.
  • Audrina was supposedly injured…but it happened to close to showtime to make a whole new video piece, so she let it go (surprisingly). She dances well, she has a great body ( which doesnt hurt) and she could be in it to win it.
  • Kurt is the cutest dad ever. And for a large man, he controls his body very well… he doesnt look like a galoot with a stick up his bum, he actually carries alot of grace in his movement.
  • Margaret was the trainwreck of the night… she’s a funny gal, but she hasnt found a new calling or way to express herself through dance…not happening.
  • Bristol is BORing. If her dancing is a taste of the personality she brings to her ‘public speaking’… it would be worse than highschool sex-ed classes. I feel for her, this isnt her place…but she signed on and they sign the cheques.
  • Kyle is taking this thing seriously, but not toooo seriously. A perfect mix. He is charming, and improves every week. Another contender me thinks!
  • Brandy and Maks are having issues. Serious ones. You cannot argue with Maks…he’s right everytime. Deal with it. How long before someone files an abuse claim? I give it another week or two.
  • The Situation is no big deal on the dance floor. And does he have a clause in his MTV contract that he cannot show the ‘goods’ (abs…mind out of the gutter people!) for ABC? I mean…seriously, his only asset on this show isnt on display! He wont last much longer.
  • Rick Fox on the other hand, totally rocked the vote by shedding the shirt! Another dark horse who could go far if he can learn to work with his body.

The cream is floating to the top already…thoughts?




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