Battle of the Blades: elimination

5 10 2010

There really wasnt a bad skate on the first performance show of Battle of the Blades… so the first elimination was a bit of a downer for all involved. Usually, there are a few stand outs and a few bottom dwellers, but this season, everyone started with a bang!

The bottom 2 were: Val Bure and Russ Courtnall

wow. surprised? I was.

What Val Bure lacks in perosnality and panache, he makes up for in speed and skill. Ont he flip side, Russ COurtnall was a guy who needed one more week to really hone in on his potential. He wasnt the best of the night, but I didnt think he was the worst either.

It’s up to the judges, and they went for skill over ‘try’… Russ Courtnall is the first eliminated from the Battle.

Russ had a story to tell about the tragic loss of this father that still haunts him and his family. Therefore, this was a perfect platform to generate some support and acknowledgment for the work he is doing for mental illness in Canada. The Pre-Show episode did a great job at highlighting the backstories of all the skaters… good on the CBC for providing a chance to really get to know the players before they got the BOOT.

Val Bure’s wife (Candice Cameron) is running a heck of a Twitter Campaign to keep her man in the competition…it didnt work this week, will her followers step it up for next week?




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