Survivor Recap

6 10 2010

If there’s a take-away from this seasons Survivor…it’s got to be: Just Shut Up!

Seriously… don’t be annoying, don’t pick a fight, don’t act like a crazy person, don’t sing and do NOT under any circumstances open your trap and start a rant AT TRIBAL!

Hold your rants for the Jury Questioning.

Tonight, Jimmy T stepped up (uninvited) to the plate at the ‘Jimmy Johnson Replacement’. Right.
The concensus of the team (led by Marty) was te elect ‘the voice of reasoning and decision making’ to Tryone instead.

Over at the Youngins tribe…it was ALL about the girls. It was like the friggin Jersey Shore… fingerwaggin, yelling obscenities and threats – primarily from ONE person. Nay.

She scares me. Scares me to think there may be other like her walking this earth ready to throw a prostesis into the fire when you’re asleep. Shudder…The only thing scarier than that kind of girl, is THAT kind of girl with some leverage. Now the girl has the IDOL!

At the challenge (yes, that’s singular…only one challenge again. dang this new format!) even with practice, the Oldies couldnt pull out a win.

Going into Tribal…there were two people on the chopping block: The Cripple and the Irritating. So, back to my original point… people need to learn that is is better to shut up than to be useless. It’s true. Even with the last minute “Rudy-esque, put- me -in -coach” spiel… Jimmy T was voted off the island.



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