Greys Anatomy Thursday

7 10 2010

Greys Anatomy deals with such profound yet totally intriguing issues. I’m still a fan.

Post Traumatic Stress is handled differently by each person involved in the epic gunman finale. Good for Greys writers for keeping this going, and showing the characters working through the disorder in their own ways.

Yang has all of a sudden gone completley AWOL. Years of pent up emotion, unresolved issues and internalizing has finally caught up with her. Now it looks like she’s heading towards a career melt down. Christina the Plumber? Please, writers…no. But they might try her out as an admin until she regains her wits about her… maybe that’ll be the heroic mid-season sweeps episode. Christina saves the day!

Tonight’s episode featured a man with what looked like fungus or barnacles taking over his body(yet he still has a girlfriend…what the heck is your excuse?), and a 28 year old virgin with a condom mysteriously lodged in her lungs. And Dereks sister (did we know about this?) shows up for a walk on role… that may turn slightly more long-term with the elevator make-out session she engages in with McSteamy. By the way, his chances with Lexie after that?…nil.

Still unsure of the direction of this season…but please, dont make Christina a Plumber.




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