Battle of the Blades : Week 2

10 10 2010

Canada’s favourite past-times collide on Thanksgiving weekend… with week two of Battle of the Blades.

The bar was set uber-high last week (the first week of competition), and this week…the guys truly set a new level for the bar. There were flips and throws and death spins galore! Week two! I mentioned that right?

The theme was” Bringing Sexy Back” (a bit lame…) – We all know that hockey stars are ‘sexiest’ when they are rocking the helmet hair and spitting out teeth on the bench…(*you can judge the sarcasm), so this was a stretch!

A recap of the  performances tonight:

  • Theo Fleury is blossoming and with his partner, Jamie Sale, guiding him and working him lke a pro… he’s really embracing this new sport. A great skate, not the marks to fit in my opinion.
  • Todd Warriner is smooth and has a great chemistry with his partner, although, I’m afraid he’ll get lost in the shadows because he lacks the thrills in his performance. It doesnt hurt to counteract that with the firecracker Shae Lyn Bourne!
  • Patrice Brisbois showed that a great attitude will pay off. He comes to practice because he enjoys the process and he is really becoming one to watch in this competition.
  • Valeri Bure was stunned ot be in the bottom 2 last week…so this week, he came out with a killer performance FULL of thrills and finesse.
  • Kelly Chase is a big man lacking in artistry…but there’s something intriguing about him. He’s very raw, and has authentic emotions. It worked for him tonight!
  • George Laroque. What can I say. I look forward to seeing him every week more than any other. The tricks he can do likely in his sleep…but the mix of gentile with galoot is captivating and exciting!
  • PJ Stock…holy Bulging with the Blades! This guy is ripped! But beyond that, he had an incredible skate tonight…darkhorse? I think so!


I have to say, the performance level has made huge leaps in professionalism and dedication from the Hockey Players since last season, and it makes for some fantastic TV!




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