DWTS: Week 4

11 10 2010

It’s week 4 and things are hitting their stride at DWTS, but the judges arent dishing!

Tonight was a rough night for the dancers… all but one or two received scores to write home about. Can you guess which one or two were tops? Nothing surprising.

Oh but there was a shake up… the stage was….ROUND and the musicians were…UNPLUGGED. Shocking! Apparantly this was dramatic enough to dedicate an entire pre-interview montage with the pro dancers about how difficult this was going to be for everyone. Not only that, but to fill the time on a 2-hour timeslot…the dancers were all subjected to pre-score banter and analysis of a slo-mo clip of their dance. awkward. But wait, there’s more! The Judges gave out 2 scores: Technique and Performance

Here’s how it went down on the stage-in-the-round tonight:

  • Kurt- needed the OK from his wife to make love to his partner on stage. Not that it mattered…the judges gave him LOW scores…a pre-empter for what was an ongoing theme of the night.
  • Brandy- hasnt ‘feel beautiful in 6 years’. right. I havent felt beautiful since you said that… thanks. She started on the floor in her ‘nighties’ and had a sexy/anxious look on her face the entire time. But she received pretty good scores all-around (a frontrunner again)
  • Rick- looked like either Snidley Whiplash or Clark Gable.Either way, he didnt have a great dance. And the score reflected that. ouch.
  • Kyle – usually a crowd pleaser, failed to rack up high scores for his technique OR performance. Another early frontrunner bites the dust.
  • Florence- erred on the side of ‘inappropriate’ with her partner Corky… hot old people don’t stimulate (see what I did there?) high scores from the judges either! Wow…tough crowd. And I dont mean Sarah palin in the front row.
  • The Situation– is desperate…he finally brought his abs for moral support. Some people just cant dance (present company included) and unfortunately…this was not the best career decision for ‘The Sitch’ – he has no audience, he isnt gaining any fans and he isnt in his element.
  • Bristol- probably the most awkward dance of the night…even worse than the sexy-old-people-tango. This girl has made her living pretending she doesnt have a sexual bone in her body… except for that one time. Tonight, she had to reverse that…and it doesnt work on her. More bad score and a tongue lashing from Carrie Ann.
  • Jennifer Grey– killed it. She also says she’s not a dancer… right, and she didnt get the most expensive nose job in Hollywood. Derek lucked out again, and his partnership will be enough to catacpult her into the top spot and the top2 for sure. The highest score of the night and throw in the first 10’s of the season for good measure.
  • Audrina– was the only person left to take over Jennifer’s almost-perfect-dance. But she did not deliver her best performance and received 8’s all around.


Did the judges hit the mid-season plateau? Anything over a 7 was rare, and even 4’s were flying!

In my opinion, The Sitch and Florence are in some trouble tomorrow night…




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