Survivor Recap

13 10 2010

Another Survivor shake up!

I love Wednesday night TV…it’s like, last year’s Thursday night TV!

Tonight, all ‘buffs’ were off as the teams switched it up… 3 oldies and 4 younguns traded tribes and all of a sudden… the age thing became an issue. The younguns have no ‘order’ at camp, and the oldies have a structured routine. But when the tribes are forced to inter-mix, that becomes a sticking point.

The new Blue team won the reward…a classic Survivor reward: Chickens.

That brings up the age-old question of chickens and eggs. In this case, it’s what goes further? An egg every day or a one time feast? Remember this question…it will weigh heavily on the outcome of this episode.

Back at camp, Nay hates getting wet and cries. Her tribe mates play into her game and try to cheer her up by telling stories of overcoming odds, life obstacles and perseverance…all good, but it wont stop the rain! She all but throws in the towel and gives up, infact she seemed completley¬†resigned .

After losing the immunity challenge, it seems pretty obvious that Nay will be leaving tonight.

Until…someone brings up the fate of the Chickens. To eat or not to eat? Tyrone says egg production is better than a pre-Tribal rotisserie. But the tribe votes to kill the chicken. Tyrone sulks, but gets over it with the taste of poultry.

This doesnt sit well with his tribe-mates. How could he oppose the act then enjoy the meal? Travesty!

So would it be ‘tude over ‘food? The choice was between the complainer and the strong-arm. Nay vs Tyrone.

Tyrone is voted out at Tribal.




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