Thursday Night TV

14 10 2010

Wednesday night was a great night for TV watchers… but Thursday night might be giving it a run for it’s money. Here’s your thursday night TV recap


What’s scarier than a Gollum-esque man/child with differnt coloured eyes wearing a body suit and stalking the ‘celebrated people’ of Las Vegas? Perhaps nothing. Except maybe guest actress Ann Margarets LA-Face (you know what I’m talking about people). The serial killers name is Squeegal… and he reared his ugly head for the first batch of killings tonight. Creepy… and definitely a HOOK to keep me watching next week!

Greys Anatomy:

Christina needs a shot of emotion otherwise she’s going to get…boring. sorry. Meredith wants to know if she has the Alzheimers gene (would you?) but Derek wants them just to live. Sure, I would want that too if I slept next to Derek Shepherd – brain surgeon and god with luscious locks. There was also some half nakedness from the hot ‘intern’… but as quickly as it came… blonde Owne stealer took it away. Yup, put a stop to ‘flirting for surgeries’. Really? Isnt that the SHOW?!?!

SYTYCD Canada:

Whats the deal? 4 people leaving us tonight?! All of a sudden, a Top 8 is a Top 4…and I wanst ready to part with that many dancers! Goodbye Mackenzie, Sebastian, Danielle and Nathalie! Not. Happy.

30 Rock LIVE!

What a great stunt! It reminded me of good ole fashioned TV, filmed infront of a live audience, and airing live for the live viewing public to watch along… mistakes and all. Clever clever. Especially the self referential treatment it gave itself. Like Tracey wanting to use the ‘breaking’ tactic during a live show….to make it extra Carol Burnett funny. Or how about using Julia Louise Dreyfus as Liz’s memory of herself (in her dreams she has “Seinfeld money”…great line!) – it was fantastic. Walk ons by John Hamm and Matt Damon were also pleasant!

I’m so happy I stayed in tonight… What did YOU watch?



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