Battle of the Blades: Week 3

17 10 2010

I can’t believe it is only week 3 of Battle of the Blades.

This time last year, I did not consider this show ‘must see’ but this season…the level of competition is MUCH more entertaining, and this had to be the best show yet!

With Johnny (Gaga) Weir in the crowd looking on, the hockey players hit the ice flying! (dont worry, he’ll be putting on a boa and hitting the ice himself tomorrow night)
Here’s how it went down:

  • Valeri Bure– had a Russian fit with the stress of the choreography this week. But once he got onto the ice, he and his partner were perfection again. They performed the first jump last week, and this week pulled out the first spiral lift…nice job!
  • Theo Fleury– In the wake of a bitter court battle, Theo has turned a completley new page in his life, and is unashamed to be trying new things and….loving life. And you can feel  this in his unbelievably free performance style. He may not be the best skater or lifter in the competition, but he is the best entertainer of the bunch.
  • Todd Warriner– Is becoming pretty darn good! He has quietly received great scores consistently and continues to put together great performances each week. I worry about his subdued personality for voters…
  • PJ Stock- the muscle shirt works for him. Last week he broke new ground and emerged as a front runne…this week he slipped a bit, but still pulled off a goofy yet entertaining dance.
  • Patrice Brisbois– I have to admit, is kind of becoming a favourite. He and Shaye Lyn are such a great pair, and this week…they had the skate of the night. He attempted and nailed some pretty fancy footwork and looks great next to the firecracker Shaye Lyn!
  • Kelly Chase– might be a bit out of his league, but there is something so endearing about him! His little fist pumps throughout the skate tell you how happy and excited he is to be dancing instead of fighting. A Saskatchewan Softy!

So, I revealed my favourite, something I ususally do NOT divulge! Who are you rooting for? Who will go home tomorrow night?




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