DWTS: Week 5

18 10 2010

Ahhh, I love DWTS Monday!


I have a short rant to spew before I get started…skip down if you dont wish to wallow and complain about a reality dance show.

If there was ever a way to fill 2 hours, when it could be filled in one… or if there was ever a chance to take things a bit too far, so much so that it dangled off the edge of kitsch and cheap entertainment… DWTS always goes there. Tonight, we had to sit through a full half hour of ‘recap’ with judges commentary (the lighting made them look like they were at the Pearly gates judging the dancers after-life destination!). Unneccessary… but I had to keep watching. I thought at any minute they are going to end this insanity and get to the dancing! But alas, it WAS necedssary…because ABC has booked a 2 hour timeslot, no matter what, for their HIT show. Even if there isnt enough dancing content to fill it up. Which there isnt.

Secondly, it was TV theme week. A cute idea, entertaining and had real potential to be a fun monday night of throw-back tunes. Did they really need to be SO obvious about the song selection?! Florence danced to Brady Bunch, Audrina danced to The Hills… it was about as eye-roll inducing as Buzz Aldrin dancing to Fly Me to the Moon.

Ok…I’m done…moving on.

Here’s how it went down on tonight’s show:

  • Brandy- looked much better tonight. More confident, perhaps it was because her song and dance were so uplifting and super fun. The theme to Friends will put anyone in a good mood… and she pulled out a lighthearted number that received great scores!
  • Florence– tried her hardest to dance a slow tango to the cornball Brady Bunch music. She was really sparkly, and has great legs…but I think the choreography let her down a bit. She ‘herked and jerked’ her head everything looked a bit spastic.
  • Kurt- is slowly turning into a ‘come from behind’ kid. He is super cute, and dances with alot of personality and grace. Mind you, he still suffers from the athlete stiffness…thing, but its getting better.
  • Rick- Mercifully shaved off the ‘stash! He was the only one to take on a slower tune, but he is starting to have great lines and points to his toes and hands. A huge step up from last week.
  • Kyle– Took on the theme to Charlies Angels (cant think of it? Neither could I…) The song didnt do much for the dance, but he has such great personality on the dancefloor, and Lacy looked HOT channeling Farrah! He added a bit of disco which angered Len… not the best scores.
  • Audrina – Has some trouble acting ‘sensual’. really? I called Maxim Magazine, they disagree! She didnt need to do much acting, she was wearing a bikini. But still, she lacks that connection and her facial experssion never really changes.
  • Bristol– Oy vey. If you thought it couldnt get worse…Bristol wore a gorilla suit for the first half of her dance. But even WORSE was that she forgot more than half of her steps. The monkey suit was a hideous attempt to hide her lack of facial expression… but it couldnt hide her lack of dance skills (even after 5 weeks!)
  • Jennifer– speaking of facial expressions not changing… sorry. Jennifer Grey released her inner-diva and walked out on Derek during practice. Huge No No. Her dancing was on par with her ‘norm’ and she got top scores yet again. But there was something very distant and odd about her manerisms tonight…I’m not saying anything, but did she seem off to anyone else?



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