The Talk

18 10 2010

I normally steer clear of recapping and reviewing day-time shows… otherwise, you all would know how much TV I actually watch. I dont feel like going there.

But, today I just feel obligated to TALK about the “all-new” show The Talk. First of all, if this show was a drinking game…”Talk” would be the shot-word and you’d be passed out after 6 minutes. That word comes up alot. As a noun, verb, adjective…everything.

Look, The View was a new format over 10 years ago… reinventing the wheel without ANY change in the format is useless. This is a headscratcher to me, how can Barbara let someone blatently STEAL the show and slap a new name onto it? I dont get it.

5 women… different ages, races and opinons… sit together on a couch and TALK about recent news topics and interview celebrity guests infront of a studio audience. Sound familiar? Yikes… and it gets worse. Even the segments are the same. ‘The Talk’ at the start for the first 20 minutes, enter the celebrity guest for another 20 minutes, and end with a general interest story/expose.

The ladies are semi-famous I’ve -heard-of-her-before names… obviously in need of a job. Although, I dont know WHY Sharon Osbourne subjected herself to this new project. She HAS jobs and is far too famous for this.

The others are your run of the mill stereotypes (following The Views example): The comedienne, the mellow ‘respected news anchor’, the working mom … you get the idea. They OF COURSE jumped right into “husbands who watch too much sports” and “kids who run around and exhaust me” and the age-old staple “women spend no time on themselves”. It’s just so unneccesary. When asked how she came up with the idea for the show, Sara said it was based off of a parenting group she’s a part of. Sara, the idea for this show came from watching TV at 11am every day because you didnt have a job…be honest!

The segment on “talking to your kids about sex’ was ridiculous. Is there ANYONE who really thinks it’s appropriate to start telling your 2 year old about sex?! C’mon. (take a shot…by the way)

I’m not bitter…I’m just confused. This show is The View at 2pm. Can we really fill two time slots with this format? Did you watch? How long do you give this show… I can almost bet my left-arm I wont be talking about this next year.




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