Survivor Recap

20 10 2010

Who’s watching Survivor with me? I’m still getting used to it’s new wednesday night timeslot…gotta admit.

Old vs Young is no more…in theory. On each tribe, it is still a struggle bwtween ‘fitting in’ with the Youngins and trying to establish leadership with the oldies. Sooner or later…one of the age groups is going to break down. I kinda think I know where this is going…

There are more young than old…therefore, it’s easy to play the pick off game.

Tonight, both tribes went to council and had to vote out a member.

This shouldve been an easy task, considering there are very weak players (easy targets) on each tribe that have somehow slipped through the cracks and made it this far. For example, Dan. The guy with the bad knees who sits out at every challenge and can hardly pick up a piece of firewood to contribute to camp-life. Slack, and a bad attitude never gets you very far in this game…but somehow, he has managed to make a few friends and stick it out. Tonight wouldve been the perfect time to get rid of a fringe player…but alas, the tribe decides to vote out a ‘stonger player’ (Eve) because she will be a ‘threat’ moving forward.

On the other tribe, Marty is an obvious target because of his leadership, game-play, and immunity idol (should he choose to use it). So, the tribe decided to flush out the idol by splitting the vote between him and Kelly (the one-legged wonder). I think all along, her tribe has really been unfair because of her ‘disbability’. It came down to a second vote after a tie between the two… Marty did NOT play the idol.  In a shocking twist, Kelly is sent home after the re-vote. hmmm….

Another great, yet frustrating, episode of Survivor… then again, I hardly ever agree with the votes. Gotta be there to understand it I suppose.




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