Battle of the Blades: Week 4

24 10 2010

We have reached the Halfway point on Battle of the Blades… and of all the competition-style shows on TV right now, I’m having a hard time letting go of anyone from the competition!

I mean really… No one deserves to go, but dont hate the players, hate the game. Someone’s always gotta go… sigh.

Only in Canada would we start off a show with a Hockey analyst and a world champ figure skater skating together. The analyst recites poetry about the Albertan country-side while the champ performs a moving homage to his hometown through figure skating. Unreal. Beautiful…and totally unique. ROn Maclean and Kurt Browning are class acts.

The competitors took a few steps forward this week too… adding finesse, tricks, and multi-talents to their routines. Shae-Lyn and Theo both recorded their songs with their voices on the track. Talk about gutsy!

Here’s how it played out tonight:

  • Kelly Chase– wore pleather chaps over tight jeans. The Saskatchewan Suit I think. He lacks performance and technique, but he makes up for it in exuberance and gentle-giant-appeal.
  • Val Bure– A Russian ice-dancing to country music is a bit of a head-scratcher… but he is so fluid and smooth in his strides. He is in the upper echelon of compeitors, let’s hope the accolades and scores he got form the judges will persuade the votig public to cast a vote his way this week.
  • Patrice Brisbois– looks like a figure skater. He has the tall, lanky limbs and the beautiful long strides. It is starting to look efforless, and the connection with Shae-Lyn is beatiful- but they will need to stay at the top of their game to remain the front-runners.
  • Theo Fleury– Had a great night…not only did he sing his own song, he landed the first axle in competition! He is really pouring alot of energy and ‘try’ into this new life-endeavour, and it shows in his eyes and the way he attacks each week with renewed passion.
  • Todd Warriner– In my opinion, stole the night from everyone else! He had an upbeat, charismatic dance that will shake any personality-issues from past performances. He broke out this week, and got great scores to boot…where’d he come from?!


My hypothesis is that Kelly and Val will land in the bottom tomorrow night, and that Kelly will go home. Don’t send hate mail, it’s just my opinion.




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