SNL : The day after

24 10 2010

Who watched SNL with me last night? I stayed up late…past the baseball game even, to bring you my recount.

I had high hopes. Great expectations. Visions of grandeur and ingenuity. But I was a little bit disappointed.

Emma Stone is a rising star, and has the red-headed-quirky-hot-every-girl persona that Lindsay Lohan once OWNED in the Hollywood market. Now off her chariot and into rehab….Emma Stone has really emerged as her successor. She’s funny, dry, has a slight rasp in her tone, and can pull off the awkward-sexy thing.

So, it was a natural fit for her to step in as guest host last night. everything looked good on paper- especially having her portray Lindsay Lohan on the View sketch. That shouldve been classic, but they didnt give her enough material to run with. That skit actually fell VERY flat. The banter wasnt quick enough, nor were the punch lines clear.

The funniest skit was with Kristin Wiig as an over-exuberant Home make-over host trying to get a reaction out of the lucky winner (Emma). She played it straight and dry… but hardly said a word to show off her acting chops. Wiig however, a stand-out as usual.

A bit of a let down for me, and never reached its potential for greatness… but Kings of Leon rocked it and made for a very entertaining 2 hours…even if it was a little ‘less-than’ .

Your thoughts?




2 responses

24 10 2010

I totally agree. I love K-Wiig and E-Stone and S-NL (hmmm, maybe not the best for the hyphen formula), but all together, it should have been much more hilarious. This morning, I’d almost forgotten I watched it.

25 10 2010
C Sheppard

There is no one in the world I love more than K-Wiig. Seriously. She runs the show, it’s a good night if she is in more than 80% of the skits 😉

But I totally agree…I had a hard time remembering much else.

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