Battle of the Blades: Week 4 elimination

25 10 2010

Another couple goes down on Battle of the Blades.

Or…do they?

An interesting turn of events on tonight’s elimination. Revealed at the end of the somewhat shocking outcome.
Did anyone really think Patrice Brisbois and Shae Lyn would get voted out? Yikes!

But it happened! Patrice and Kelly were the bottom two skaters, and after a second dance…the judges voted to keep a much improved Kelly over a relatively mediocre Patrice.

But dont cry foul Montrealers! Patrice will be BACK! Along with the rest of the ousted pairs for a wildcard, or second chance episode next week! That’s right…the eliminated 5 will dance again in hopes of garnering enough votes to continue on in the competition.


Good bye (for now!) Patrice Brisbois!



One response

25 10 2011
Ann Awcock

i really dont know who votes but did they get it wrong last night.. i am so mad gggrrrrrrrr

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