DWTS: Week 6

25 10 2010

Week 6 of DWTS was jam-packed with entertainment!

Leading up to next week’s 200th episode, we saw the Top 10 dances of all-time…I loved seeing some old favourites at the peak of performance!

Also, the dancers competed in the ‘dance marathon’… a full 4 minutes of dance (apprantly you can call that a ‘marathon’)

Lets not forget the performances

  • Audrina Patridge– has the personality of a telephone pole, and the judges are picking up on it. They scolded her for a hot body and a beautiful technique that lacks any kind of ‘oomph’ in performance. very true…but decent scores all around.
  • Jennifer Grey- is slipping, or ‘on something’… you can decide! Honestly, she went from hero to zero in a matter of 2 weeks, and tehre’s something very strange going on. She was flailing her limbs and had very little control of her movement tonight. Hate to do it but, Baby is putting herself in a corner…
  • Kyle– is the opposite of Audrina. All performance, very little technique. But he pulls it off better than anyone on the show! He and lacy are a great team, but I wonder how much longer before his lower scores come back to bite him. He peaked too early I think…
  • Kurt Warner– I wish he was my uncle…doesnt he have that ‘nice uncle’ vibe? too bad he continues to be very stiff and unaware of waht to do with his hands. His days on the show might be numbered after tonight…not a great performance.
  • Rick Fox– is a legitimate threat in this competition. Especially with some favoruite dropping the ball…he seems to be picking up steam. Another solid dance tonight, and I’m actually digging the faux-hawk.
  • Bristol Palin- will never be a star. She and Audrina are neck in neck for worst personality of the season…I mean really, the girl is about as interesting as a coat hanger. She ‘broke out of her shell’ to do an air guitar halfway through her dance…but then went right back to blank-face. The judges are probably sick of giving her bad scores and seeing her get through anyways…different approach: decent scores.
  • Brandy-was the judges dance of the night. There’s always someone who reigns supreme, and with the disappointing efforts from the previous front-runners, Brandy took over top spot tonight.

marathon results:

  1. Brandy
  2. Jennifer
  3. Audrina
  4. Kyle
  5. Rick
  6. Bristol
  7. Kurt

Thoughts? Any chance Bristol or Audrina will go, because I’m just so bored with them.




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