Halloween Costume Game!

27 10 2010

Everyone loves a good friendly competition…right? How about a Halloween Costume Game that pits reader against reader…in the pursuit of a winning title!

Here goes…

I have decided to make a fantastic (and very homemade…) Halloween costume…and it is in my opinion) absolutly inspired! Can you guess what it is?

Here are your clues:

  • TV related (obviously!)
  • The realest of reality shows (that’s a may-jor clue)
  • A life-long dream (seriously, it’s sad…)
  • not at all ‘sexy’… (nope, not Snooki)
  • every person on this show is literate (so…don’t even try ‘Jacka$$’ or Trailer Park Boys)

SO – my loyal readers, take a guess!

If you are the first to ‘guess the garb’… you will be featured in an upcoming post (the ultimate prize really!). It’s all in fun… but let the competition begin!

**Pictures of the actual costume will be posted on monday, so stay tuned and get your guess in before sunday night!




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