Survivor Recap

27 10 2010

First rule of Survivor: Never give away an Idol.

Okay, that might be a little further down on the official rule-book for being successful at the game…but it breaks the top 10 for sure. Giving away your ONLY sure thing…is just…juvenile at this point! 20-odd seasons in…this should be common knowledge!

Tonight, Yellow team lost again (surprise surprise) so considering Jane has pretty much sold her soul to the youngins (who are now using her for her fishing skills) the people in jeopardy are the same people as last week. Jill and Marty.

BUT, you say, Marty has the Idol…should be a no-brainer.

“should be”…. operative words.

The plan is to ‘flush the idol’ by splitting the votes. Then there’s the other plan – ask Marty to give up said idol in exchange for a handshake and our ‘word’ that you wont get the boot.

That couldnt possibly work on any intelligent human being who has EVER seen this show…right?

…it did. Marty gave his idol to Sash (a name…?!)

At tribal… 3 people were suddenly on the block: Jane, Jill and Marty…all fair game.

In the end, the most-outcast of all out-cast was selected to leave the tribe.

Jill goes home.

Marty was lucky on this one, but he cannot continue to make decisions based on other peoples ‘word’ or promises…not smart game-play and it will NOT win you the million.




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