Greys Anatomy recap

28 10 2010

Greys Anatomy: Still ‘Must-see’ TV in my opinion.

Seriously, since Izzy left this show…it has been re-energized and hit a new stride this season.

The amazing finale (the shooting) has set the tone for this season…and I’m loving the direction and the creativity of the writers/producers. Bravo.

Tonight, the entire episode was shot (pardon the pun) as a documentary on the life of the hospital and its surgeons, post trauma (the shooting).

It gave us another look at the situation…from an outsiders point of view…as if we werent there and we dont know anything about any of the ‘characters’ in this drama. Very interesting.

We see Christina’s depression from a new light. As if we didnt know what a gifted surgeon she was prior to the shooting. We see the great relationship between the head surgeons in and out of surgeries. It was nice to see the ‘boys club’ of Derek and Mark let go of their egos and allow Torres to finish a surgery for the good of the patient.

Meanwhile, we are also privvy to the news that Arizona has won a prestigeous grant to work in Africa. Torres aint pleased…hard to know who to side with, they showed both views with no bias. In the end, we find out that BOTH are packing their bags for Africa. Really?! Are we going to get an ER-esque back and forth from another country thing?

What this does, is give way to the budding Pediatric surgeon… Carev. I’m down for that, this guy needs a new passion.

Oh, and that fancy-shmancy security system? Got the boot this week…along with a very short cameo from Mandy Moore.

So…what did you think of the creative



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