Battle of the Blades: Second Chance

31 10 2010

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Halloween!

But if you’re anything like me… you were a little upset that you were sitting, in full costume, waiting for children to ring the doorbell during your hour of Battle of the Blades. A little annoying right? C’mon…be honest.

And if you were able to fight off the candy-grabbers and 13-year-old-Snooki-Wannabes long enought o sit and watch Battle of the Blades…you sure as HECK got a TREAT! The best episode BY FAR this season! Perhaps it was the Halloween theme that brought out the best in each skater, or maybe it was the rare second chance to fight for a spot in the competition.

It matters not what the motivation was…these skaters brought their A+ game, and it made for some fantastic TV!

In order of elimination, the skaters took the ice:

Russ Courtnall: Skated a very entertaining piece with alot of great choreography. He definitely still ahs the hockey-player strides, but he has certianly improved immensly since his departure. It started off the night with a pretty high bar to reach for the rest of the competitors… but I think being first hurt his chances.

Georges Laroque: I have not laughed so hard in… a while! THe man had his hair carpenter-glued into Devil horns and it was half terrifying, half hilarious. Other than that, he made me scream a few times…his tricks are unreal. I guess it helps that he is a full PERSON taller than his partner, but he reminded me why I loved him from the start. He has a gentle giant approach, but unfortunately he will never get any more graceful.

PJ Stock: Is a real contender if he can make it through this round. He had a great routine, with some intricate lifts and engaging visuals. He was also daring enough to wear a pastel purple vest… to show off his rippling muscles (yowza!) He has the ability and the personality… but he needs the votes.

Patrice Brisbois: Normally, I would say that I’m bias because I love this guy (he was my favourite form the start!), but I literally saw the performance of a lifetime. The Monster Mash was a monster HIT…an unbelievably quirky, fun and visually stunning number…the choreography was part playful, part genius. Unreal. and the the first perfect 6’s of the competition thus far…

As good as the other performances were tonight, there is just NO WAY Patrice will NOT make it through. If you didnt see the skate… check it out. It is just as good as I’m raving…seriously!





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